Twitter Marketing Advice – Have Smart Goals And Objectives

All of us know friends who are doing great in Twitter. They have managed to attract numerous Twitter followers who have genuine interest in their internet activities. Twitter marketing may look direct and simple but it can get tricky. It is not all about opening an account and filling it with tweets. Posting tweets is essentially what everybody does. However, successful Twitter marketers care to post relevant and quality tweets. It is not every follower who will appreciate one-sided content approach.

Twitter Marketing Advice - Have Smart Goals And Objectives

Instead of talking only about yourself, or your business, you can write interesting news about your niche. By so doing your followers will feel the need to stay engaged with your Tweets. There is nothing as dangerous as starting a major project like social media marketing without a plan. A plan stipulates your goals and objectives now and in future.

So, what are your Goals?

Having goals and objectives for your Twitter marketing campaign cannot be emphasized enough. In your marketing strategy, state why you want to engage in this sort of advertising. Perhaps you want to boost website traffic, improve customer service, increase twitter following or promote your brand. It could be that you want to increase sales for your company products including eBooks. It may be important to state your expectations for every goal. For instance, do you expect your Twitter followers to grow by 5 percent each month?

Implement your Marketing Plan

In order to implement your goals and objectives emphasized above, you need to know tactics of marketing that works for Twitter. Basically all you want to do is to grow your Twitter followers and build more traffic for your e-commerce website or blog. A follow me on Twitter button is the first marketing tool you have. Add a couple of buttons on the top right corner of your blog, newsletters and emails. Anything you send out to people to promote your work should carry your follow me on Twitter icon.

Second, make sure that you follow the followers of your industry leaders and influencers. If you have a blog, follow the followers of popular bloggers in your niche. You may use a tool provided at Find your audience with the Twellow dot com tool as well. It will show you people that are following blogs or websites that sell content, products or services you could be promoting. If you are tired of Retweeting, you could automate your tweeting with paid tools. Again, concentrate on creating engaging and helpful Tweets.

Analyze your Progress

Implementing a marketing strategy is not all you must do. It is imperative to stop and ask yourself whether you have been doing something constructive. You, obviously, can use Google Analytic and related tools to assess your progress.