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Prepare Yourself For A SEO Audit

If you are preparing for the audit of your SEO, you have to know that you cannot just run into analysis before you prepare yourself for audit. Before you start to analyze the website, you should know how to decide on what you want to deal with and this is why you have to crawl first the website. To start with the audit, you have to put the information into three different domain such as locations, brand names and domain.

Yourself as SEO Audit

Different areas of concern for a SEO audit:

When you are auditing, you will get the overview of your traffic. You can search on the root of the problem and you can get the graph where you get the traffic from PPC, from your keywords and that of the competitors. You will be able to know the volume of the search engine, if it is decreasing, increasing or static, if you are choosing the top organic keywords and the positions they have and the type of the competing sites which may seem to accurate.

The SERP appearance audit consider the domain appearance if it is on the first position, if the links of the site are suitable and how good the descriptions and titles do appear. As said by Aaron, who owns the SEO Company New York Designed, you need to have the knowledge about the graph or business listing for the side bar and now if the information is accurate and what may be missing.

Audit for the technical factor include how the robots create the canonical problems or if they conflict one another. The robots should not block the content as it has to be. The meta robots have to be used in some cases and it has to show the information about the hackers of the site and how they may be exploited.

Content is important part of a SEO and it has to be perfect:

Content audit look if the navigation of the website is making a sense, if it is hierarchical and if the links have only unique keywords. It is good to consider how effective the content strikes the visitors and if it is easy to find everything and how someone should find it. The audit has to show how good the social media does link to one another, how good social media is implemented and if the link is worthy anything, if the content is fresh or not and if there is likes or comments on the social media. You have to check how good is, the user experience and overall designs. You have also to consider the content of terms of service, privacy policy, and contact and about us pages.

While doing the audit on the social media, you may have to check if the account is accurate and complete, if the design elements are in the right place, if the content has been posted on regular basis and if the content is interesting and if the people interact on the social media by re tweeting, sharing, liking and commenting.