How To Fix Showbox Error: “Video Not Available Try Another Server.”

From a long time, most of the people are using the Showbox application. It is one of the best online streaming application in the Android market. Showbox provides the free movie streaming and TV Shows.

How To Fix Showbox Error: “Video Not Available Try Another Server.

However, the features and application are user-friendly there is migration happening to other applications due to some errors are occurring in the show box app.

This happens due to constantly people are receiving the server and also the subtitle errors. Many of the people don’t have aware of this can be easily fixed by manually without any technical knowledge. Instead, users uninstall the Showbox app.

How To Fix The Error?

Showbox as of lately has come to know the server errors like ”Video not available try another server.” When a user clicks the video an error will pop up on the new screen saying ”Video not available try another server, ” and it automatically redirects people to the home page.

Initially, it was the unfixable error, But the later on it is very easy to fix. Here I will show two different methods to fix those errors.

Update The App

The App developer constantly delivers the updates to their users. This can be the fix and error on the old version and add extra new features for the users.

The another important thing need to know about Showbox is not available in the Google Play Store. But people can download Showbox from any third party website.

Step 1: Open any browser on your smartphone.
Step 2: Look at the available latest version of a Showbox app.
Step 3: Find out the most current version, you should enter the keyword along with an latest version into a search engine.
Step 4: Download the application by clicking the link and install it on your smartphone.

Note: People uninstall the oldest version of Showbox, before installing the new one.

Clear Data And Cache

Typically, updating the application to the latest version will fix all the errors. So people can experience the Showbox app like a before. However, secondary fix as well because the proven to work every time. Here I will show you how to do this.

Step 1: Go to Menu Click “Settings” on your Smartphone.
Step 2: Select the “Application Manager.”
Step 3: The list of the app installed on your smartphone will appear. Find and Select the “Showbox.”
Step 4: After selected the Showbox, of the user able to see the few options, From there User should choose the “Clear Cache” and “Clear all data” one by one.
Step 5: Mostly, the problem will be fixed.

Final Verdict:

This error “Video not available try another server” are common error faced by the most of the people. However, this simple method for it to fix. This method has into the search by a lot of users and error has been fixed.