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How To Fix Showbox Error: “Video Not Available Try Another Server.”

From a long time, most of the people are using the Showbox application. It is one of the best online streaming application in the Android market. Showbox provides the free movie streaming and TV Shows.

How To Fix Showbox Error: “Video Not Available Try Another Server.

However, the features and application are user-friendly there is migration happening to other applications due to some errors are occurring in the show box app.

This happens due to constantly people are receiving the server and also the subtitle errors. Many of the people don’t have aware of this can be easily fixed by manually without any technical knowledge. Instead, users uninstall the Showbox app.

How To Fix The Error?

Showbox as of lately has come to know the server errors like ”Video not available try another server.” When a user clicks the video an error will pop up on the new screen saying ”Video not available try another server, ” and it automatically redirects people to the home page.

Initially, it was the unfixable error, But the later on it is very easy to fix. Here I will show two different methods to fix those errors.

Update The App

The App developer constantly delivers the updates to their users. This can be the fix and error on the old version and add extra new features for the users.

The another important thing need to know about Showbox is not available in the Google Play Store. But people can download Showbox from any third party website.

Step 1: Open any browser on your smartphone.
Step 2: Look at the available latest version of a Showbox app.
Step 3: Find out the most current version, you should enter the keyword along with an latest version into a search engine.
Step 4: Download the application by clicking the link and install it on your smartphone.

Note: People uninstall the oldest version of Showbox, before installing the new one.

Clear Data And Cache

Typically, updating the application to the latest version will fix all the errors. So people can experience the Showbox app like a before. However, secondary fix as well because the proven to work every time. Here I will show you how to do this.

Step 1: Go to Menu Click “Settings” on your Smartphone.
Step 2: Select the “Application Manager.”
Step 3: The list of the app installed on your smartphone will appear. Find and Select the “Showbox.”
Step 4: After selected the Showbox, of the user able to see the few options, From there User should choose the “Clear Cache” and “Clear all data” one by one.
Step 5: Mostly, the problem will be fixed.

Final Verdict:

This error “Video not available try another server” are common error faced by the most of the people. However, this simple method for it to fix. This method has into the search by a lot of users and error has been fixed.

Strategy to Crack IBPS PO Mains Interview:

Have you cleared your IBPS PO main exams and awaiting for the personal interview? If yes is your answer, we the team from a top bank coaching center in Chennai have formulated some tips to help you stand out of the other candidates. All you need to do is just follow the tips mentioned in this post.

Strategy to Crack IBPS PO Mains Interview

How To Prepare For IBPS PO Interview?

  • First and the foremost thing is to be calm. Don’t get too excited. You just cleared the main exams, and the competition is still on, and you have to be confident and calm-headed to clear the interview as well.
  • Don’t rush behind coaching as you don’t require that anymore for the personal interview. It is you who can shape you, and you don’t have to spend money on a crash course for that.
  • Have the habit of reading newspapers daily, which will keep you updated of the current affairs and opinions of some of the famous persons around the issues. Bear in mind that everything is interconnected nowadays.
  • As we all know, the major issue now all is facing is the demonetization. Try to correlate the banking matters such as the above said one and formulated a long-term vision to better support it on your own. It will surely impress the interviewer, and you will get a chance to stand alone in the crowd out there.
  • Read your bio, and be prepared to answer the questions as soon as possible if asked from your bio. Don’t just blabber, be polite and try to figure out the truth. And also you should be genuine in your responses to attract the minds of the interviewer.
  • Gather friends who are already working as a PO in various banks. Make a small conversation with them to grab the vital inputs. It may help you to figure out about the list of documents required, etc. You can also get some basic study materials from them to prepare for your interview.
  • You need to know all the necessary banking acts in India, like the Cashless economy, which is the trending topic now. Go through the acts from various sources, understand the terms and try to mug them up.
  • You can also speak about some of the hot issues in the field of banking. It may include Demonetization, Digital bankings, and Payment.

Basic Interview Etiquettes:

  • Here are the basic interview etiquettes as said by the best TNPSC coaching centre in Chennai that you need to focus on to attract the interviewer at first sight.
  • Once entered into the panel, remember to greet all the panel members. And you should also seek permission from them before taking a seat.
  • Always try to wear formals as they are highly recommended for the interview, and it will be better if you carry a pen along with you.
  • Be confident and clear in your answers and don’t argue with the interviewer. They may put you under stress to check your response, so be conscious while you are answering.
  • Always accept the fact and apologize in case of giving a wrong answer.
  • Remember to address the panel member who is asking you the questions. And also maintain proper eye contact with them.

5 Advanced LinkedIn Marketing Tips For B2B Strategy

LinkedIn is one of the largest social network specially designed for industrialists, professionals, recruiters and job seekers. LinkedIn mainly for business persons where they can connect with potential business partners, professionals and HR managers.

LinkedIn is a user-friendly site where you can make new connections with HR managers, professional and other people with just a single click. Also, you can buy LinkedIn contacts to increase your business popularity very quickly. By sharing business related ideas and providing valuable information to the LinkedIn groups, you will get a good reputation for your business.

1. Enhance Your Company Page:
Improve your business page is not an easy thing. You have to work hard to improve your LinkedIn company page because leads won’t come spontaneously. Create your LinkedIn Company page with informative, attractive, fresh and interactive content to engage leads on LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn Company page is the route of company website page, so don’t provide false information on it.

2. Focus On Target Groups:
Join relevant LinkedIn groups based on your business, skills, industry, alumni and participate in LinkedIn group discussions to stay active with each other users. Completely enhance your company’s services and products page with visuals, and proper keyword descriptions of what you have to offer on your company.

3. Use Advanced Search Tool:
Use the LinkedIn search tool to find the right customer. This search tool helps to recognize the targeted customers to business on your terms. If you want to get more followers in a short period, then you may buy LinkedIn Company followers from the online service provider.

4. Form Your Groups:
Create LinkedIn group based on your business, skills, industry, alumni and participate in LinkedIn group discussions to stay active with each other users. Post current updates regularly to engage your LinkedIn followers, and there are more opportunities for them to come forward to like, share and comment on your posts.

5. Give Attention To Insights:
Like other social media Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn also offers insights and analytics to your business brands. You can use LinkedIn publishing content tool as well. While this tool is not open to all of the LinkedIn users, but you can easily get access to it.

Final Verdict:
Using the platform of LinkedIn as a social sharing tool is something that will help you in boosting the business reputation online, and the single idea of gaining popularity online will come true.

Skque X1 Hoverboard and Its Features

Skque X1 hoverboards come in three sizes, i.e., 6.5″, 8″ and 10″, each addressing the measure of the tire. All the hoverboards of this game plan make them invigorate features that can rapidly pull in the customers to get them and go up against a ride. We should watch the features and check whether they make it worth obtaining.


It won’t look like an outstandingly engaging, also basic component of a self balancing scooter however that would simply suggest that you are a fresher in this field. The hoverboard aficionados adhere to the brands that have UL 2272 insistence for it quickly does a quality check on the thing that they will consume through money on.

Skque X1 hoverboard having UL 2272 affirmation makes it one of the top contenders in the self-balancing scooter promote. It giving a ‘safe to use’ stamp gives mental peace and satisfaction to the customers and their families and furthermore producers, merchants, and retailers alike.

Intense and Reliable

The Skque X1 hoverboard has crushed the market with a more grounded shell than any of the past Skque models. The strong shell joined by updated and upgraded body makes it a to a great degree tough self-balancing scooter.

In fact, this is a champion among the most strong of all the self-balancing scooters made and sold till date, as a result of the masters who have worked through and through to make it have a strong shell for customer support and convenience.

Capable Charging System

The charging plan of these self-balancing scooters can certainly be called fit as its charge control has been improved and extended by 15% of the speed by which the gadget gets charged.

To charge the battery to the full, it just takes one to two hours, and you can go up to 20 kilometers with one full charge, dependent upon scene conditions. Safe charge, energetic charge, what else does one need, isn’t that so?

Extra Cool Features

Skque X1 self-balancing scooter goes with some genuinely cool and prominent features that can make the riding foundation of the customers all the more better and energizing. There are two most highlighted features of this gadget.

The X1 hoverboards go with an understood Bluetooth speaker which clearly is remote. You can particularly relate your phone to the remote speaker through the Bluetooth limit and tune into your most cherished music on the way of your ride. No drive is better than the one with songs that your perspective wishes, is not it?

Another striking part of this gadget is the usage of LED lights in the scooter. The nearness of LED lights not simply gives an eye-getting picture and impression to the others out on the town moreover ensures security around night time with drivers being watchful about your garish proximity.

What is IFSC code and its Purpose?

India: One of the most populated countries in the world. Growth of Indian economy in the past 5 years are good and all the people are creating the bank account and start to make use of financial institution services.

Reserve Bank of India is the central and head of all the financial institutions in India. In order to make customer banking easy, secure and hassle-free, RBI has introduced many online and offline banking facilities.


One among them is IFSC code. IFSC stands for Indian Financial System code. RBI has provided unique IFS code for all the computerized banks and their branches in India. Let’s take State Bank of India IFSC code and explain it.

SBIN 0 000810

  1. First 4 character of all IFSC code is to represent bank name. SBIN is common for all the branches of state bank of India.
  2. 5th digit is zero. This will be common for all banks IFSC code which is for future use.
  3. 000810– Last 6 digits are called as branch code. This will differ for all the branches of the state bank in India.

Purpose of IFSC code.

IFSC code is used by banks for transferring fund between inter and intra banks. There are 3 different types of fund transfer RTGS, NEFT, and IMPS. If you want to transfer money online, then you should add IFSC code of beneficiary before transferring money. is one of the reputed websites where you can get IFSC code, MICR code, and more bank branch information. You can also get this information by entering MICR code of the bank branch.

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Buying Online views is safe or not?

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Nokia 830

Display and Design

The Nokia Lumia 830 parades a 5-inch capacitive multi touch display which delivers sharp and rich perceivability with HD resolution of 720 x 1,280 pixels meaning a pixel density of 326 ppi. Running on IPS innovation, it gives incredible off hub review edges. The vicinity of Corning Glass v3.0 on the top shields it from scratches, clean and fingerprints. Like other Lumia phones, it touches base in the polycarbonate symbol that additionally inspires with its smoothness of 8.5mm.

Nokia 830

CPU and Platform

In the engine, this device is fueled by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor lodging a quad-core processor timed at 1.2GHz. It functions with 1GB RAM and oversees graphics with the Adreno 305 GPU. The handset runs the most recent Windows 8.1 Phone OS.

Camera and Storage

The Nokia Lumia 830 is equipped with a dazzling 10MP PureView snapper with Carl Zeiss optics and LED streak separated from other standard features. You can utilize the 1MP shooter on the front. Aside from a locally available capacity limit of 16GB, it has a microSD space fit for taking in cards up to 128GB.

Battery and Connectivity

The Nokia Lumia 830 is conveys connectivity features like 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB port. It runs the show with a 1,850mAh Li-ion battery which guarantees a standby time of 600 hours and a talktime of over 16 hours in 2G systems.


The Nokia Lumia 830 is another capable smartphone designed to give you an intense ordeal. And still, at the end of the day it touts of a few features obtained from Lumia leads, particularly the PureView camera. It will be accessible in 8 diverse appealing hues to be specific cyan, yellow, orange, red, blue, dark, white and green.
Our smartphones are our most prized personal possessions that we like to show with pride. In today’s world, smartphones have become our personal companions and there is no doubt that these smartphones are an integral part of our lives. We use to take them everywhere we go.

They stay with day and night and like a human being suffer wear and tear. Smartphones are electronic gadgets too and like any other gadget; they may mal function one time or another or may get damage due to use over time or by an accident like falling or getting water in the interiors.
Sometimes the problems can be sorted out be restoring the phone to factory settings or just be rebooting it. However, sometimes the problem might be serious like any hardware part not working correctly or software issue that is not sorted out by rebooting and restoring the phone. In that case, we need to visit the nearest service center to get the problems sorted out.

There are many Nokia service center in Chennai that you can reach out to get your mobile repaired. Nokia service centers in Chennai are one of the best in the nation and offer very good services to the smartphone users. They repair mobile speedily and return it to customer as soon as it is back to working condition. Software issue or a hardware problem everything is sorted out no matter how serious the problem is. You can always trust the Nokia service center in Chennai due to their quality of service and expert staff they have to handle all the smartphone related issues.

Why LinkedIn Proves To Be The Best Platform For Promotion Of Business!

When it comes to promotion of business through social media platform then it is really surprising to see how most often we forget about LinkedIn or we avoid the platform for no particular reason. The most powerful social networking platform is LinkedIn and that too is proved by facts and not by any kind of assumptions. LinkedIn is the network which has more than 60 million professionals of business all across the globe.

promotion of business

Then the annual average household income of LinkedIn professionals is around $109,000 so you can pretty well gauge what you have been missing all these days if you are still not part of this platform. Another factor that will help you a lot in taking the decision of joining LinkedIn is that you will find one new member in LinkedIn almost every second. You need to hurry so that you do not miss out on this huge opportunity at all.

The number of members who are already there has already crossed millions and at the rate that more people are joining it will not take longer to cross the billion mark. If you are thinking that it is another platform where you will be just promoting your business without much return then you are completely wrong on this because here almost as many as 50% of the members hold the authority of decision making for their respective companies.
So if you can tap into the potential well then you will be able to do bring in good business for your company. This has the world’s number of influential professionals under one roof. In a quest to go for internet marketing through this platform you can purchase quick LinkedIn followers as well, so that you can get your share of popularity as well.

Inexpensive way of marketing

When you are promoting your business online, then there is no need to spend huge fortune on advertising instead you can earn benefits from it. In order to get started with LinkedIn you have to first understand how the platform works otherwise how will you utilize it to the maximum! Now when you have acquired the initial knowledge about the platform, then it is time to take the plunge and get started by creating your own profile.

While creating the profile you must come up with every detailed information in there so that your audience knows you better through your profile only. Then, if you will have to make use of the company page for the business that you are involved in. When you are completing your resume then the company page gets linked to it automatically.
With these basic ideas you can get started with the LinkedIn profile but as you stroll along you will realize that it has much more to offer than just a promotional platform. There are several tools and applications made available for the users with the help of which they will be able to market their business well.

Download Nimbuzz for PC

Nimbuzz is an internationally popular instant messaging service to your friends across the world. Nimbuzz appis officially available for Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and IOs users. If you want this mobile version on PC you have to follow some simple method to follow on PC. But let me first give you the overall knowledge of this amongst all favorite app.Nimbuzz is more known for its free calling feature.

Download Nimbuzz for PC

Features Of Nimbuzz App

Nimbuzz is a next generation of free mobile VoIP calls and internet call for Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz for free to user provides cheap international calling. You can also use simple drag n drop action to share music, movies and photo s with your friends. It is a free calling survive to your friend no matter wherever you is has provided remarkable audio quality powered by the latest state of the art audio engine. With very much ease you can download this app on your mobile. Additionally, we recommend checking one of the top messaging app like WeChat. It is also very popular android app. Follow the tutorial on appsforpcdownloads blog. Nimbuzz could be used for free call and wechat for free messaging.

How to Download Nimbuzz on PC

Nimbuzz is available for the android users only but if you want to use the mobile version on your pc we take you to the simple guidelines to follow and run this awesome app on your PC.Buestack android emulator is a very popular android emulator to run your favorite app on your PC.

  • First of all download the Bluestacks offline installer on you r Pc or Mac Computer
  • Secondly open it and click on the search button and write down Tango on the search button
  • Open the file and click on the install button
  • Just wait for some time and let the app run Bluestacks app player itself
  • If the process is completed just go to the Bluestacks App Player
  • Click on the Logo of Tango and start using this app on your PC

If your pc doesn’t support to the Bluestacks then Bluestacks Alternative is available for the PC. Check this blog for more guides and information.

How to Download Nimbuzz for PC By Using Android Apk

  • First of all run the bluestack app player on your Pc and search Nimbuzz.apk on google search. Now download the apk file > open with and choose Bluestacks manually.
  • Nimbuzz file will install blustacks app player automatically just go to the bluestack app player and just click on the Nimbuzz logo and start using this wonderful app.
    • Hopefully, you managed to follow the tutorial on how to download Tango on PC. In case, if you are having trouble following the issue, then do let us know.

Selecting A Good Free Hosting Service Provider

Over the years, demand for free hosting service providers has gone up a lot. As more and more people take to the internet and launch their own websites, many hosting providers have come up too. And to make matters easy for small websites and people on a shoestring budget, many hosting service providers offer their services free of charge. These providers are ideal for people who are just testing the waters with a new website and don’t want to spend too much on a full-blown hosting service. Such services are also quite popular among students.

Usually, a free hosting service will come with a few restrictions or conditions so to speak. For example, they place adverts on the websites or webpages hosted by their clients. They recover their money through this manner only since their services are free to clients. Such services are also highly suited to beginners and while normally choosing the right hosting service provider is a confusing task, it’s even more so when you have to choose among those who offer their services for free.

Webhosting provider

Sort-Out Your Priorities

To make the task of choosing the right free hosting service provider easier, you should try and narrow down your priorities. Decide upon the kind of website you’ll be building and hosting. Decide as to whether it’ll be a basic website, a coded website or just a blog. In case you are starting out with your very own blog then there are a number of free options for you to select from. Among the most popular blog hosting services are Blogger and WordPress. Starting a blog with these hosts is very simple and all you’ll need is a sign-up after which access is granted to the various blogging technologies available with them. Using the control panel you can start adding, editing and publishing your content.

If, however, you are building a website based on PHP or HTML then it’ll be a better idea to opt for a host that allows you to upload content through FTP. This gives you a greater degree of flexibility and freedom.

How to Find the Right Host?

Inspite of the confusing nature of the task, finding a good free hosting service provider is rather easy provided you know your requirements. As to the ways of finding one, the most obvious and sensible one is through search engines. Search engines usually throw up the best names in the industry at the top of their results page. These providers are proven performers in terms of both service and level of features. Another worthy option would be to take a look at directories that provide a list of all the free hosting providers on the web. You can go through online reviews for these providers and select one as per your needs. However, take caution as to avoid providers with highly unrealistic claims and offers.

Also try and opt for a provider that allows you to upgrade to a paid hosting plan in future. In such a case the transition for your website will be smoother without any downtimes.

Reliability, reputation, flexibility and variety of plans and quality of service should form your criterion when selecting a free hosting service provider.